Hi, Since I can't find the DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT key, I'll tell you here. I came to find readers, didn't happen and I'm too busy now to come and check the only recommendations on offer. I've a long TBR list and not enough to read anything as I'm working on my own series. I'm an Independent Author, it's my full-time official job. I've also many others and normally from December on, I'm off Social Networking. As I'm not finding what I required here, it was nice to meet you and I'll be at Twitter, my website as well as YouTube, then I'm at PayHip and KoboUK. I've rewritten my stories, reformatted everything and created simple eBook Covers anew. I'm uploading everything again at PayHip in PDF and KOBOUK in EPUB. If you want to get in touch, I've a contact page via my website below. Thanks! Yours in blood, CeDany, BB, V-V!

Visit my website
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22 June at 11:09

Hi all, I've revised Novel One/Episode Two. I'm waiting on a report. Once received, I'll be posting it for sales on PayHip and Kobo UK.

Also, I'll be offering Ebook Services for Indie Authors. Information is on my Instagram and will be later on my Jimdo Website.

I've been ill. So, things have slowed down a wee bit. Sorry!

In the meantime, Views/Likes are nice, but Subscribers and Readership would be very welcome. As for my ebook videos on my YouTube Channel, I require subscriptions not just views.

As I've no advertising partnership, I'm not making any revenues on anything, and it means you enjoy viewing without ads. Smile!

Thanks, I appreciate contacts, feedbacks and subscriptions. Cheers.

Yours in blood, CeDany, BB, V-V!

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