Revealing Monica

By Veronica Jordan

Romance | eBook

Monica is a single mother who has learned to keep men at a distance. For years, she has kept her lovers at arm's length, taking them into her bed, but unwilling to let them into her life. But she's in for a shock when she meets a young man who isn't willing to be taken so lightly, who isn't willing to settle for sex. Eric wants more... and Monica must face the fact that she wants to give it... The first book in a series about the passion and connection that two unlikely lovers share. Will Monica be able to love again, or is Eric wasting his time with a damaged older woman who can never give him what he really wants?

Hello, I'm Veronica Jordan, and I hope you like my stories as much as I like writing them. I've always been attracted to slightly darker fantasies, and I think more people can relate to that then admit it. My stories may be kinky or naughty, but I hope I always manage to keep them human too, because no matter what I've ever wanted in my love life, I've never felt like less of a lady for it.


Veronica Jordan

Veronica Jordan

11 August at 17:53

Hi! I'd like to thank you for checking out my story, and I'd love it if you'd let me know what you think about it. I've written erotic romance for years and everyone always says I have a gift for it, but this is my first one for sale, and I really want to know what people who aren't my friends think. In my mind, these two characters are just the hottest couple in the world, and I hope that comes across, because that's exactly what I want to share - loving, caring couples who do intensely sexy, naughty things and don't feel bad about it!

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