By Bill C. Castengera

Sci-Fi, Religion & spirituality | Paperback, eBook

Can God put down the bottle long enough to save the world? Set in the near future, mankind has broken the law prohibiting cloning and has created an abomination that has forced us to be second on the food chain. God becomes displeased and wants to start over, but He is a hopeless alcoholic... Meanwhile, humankind, in a knee-jerk reaction, begins to evolve. Mankind can not be second place. We begin to develop the ability to teleport, and God vows to sober up, if just for a little while...

Bill C. Castengera lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife and three kids. He considers himself an expert in all things, large and small. But mostly small.


Bill C. Castengera

Bill C. Castengera

7 October at 19:27

Does anyone find it offensive that this book portrays God as an alcoholic? Or is it easy to suspend the theological outrage for a good story?

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