Sound—The Fabric of Soul, Consciousness, Reality, and the Cosmos

By João Mendes & Ramiro Mendes

General non-fiction, Religion & spirituality, Music & musicians | Hardback, eBook

Sound is a spiritually uplifting book about the human essences of soul, consciousness, reality, and the living energy behind nature and the cosmos. The book explores the realms of thought, emotion, attention, intention, mind, soul, consciousness, music, rhythm, and reality from a refreshing and intuitive perspective. Using sound as the tool to probe human reality, the authors also present new insights into the essence of peace, agreements, health, and the evolution of human society while offering unconventional solutions to human conflict and the survival of our species and our planet. Sound is based on the authors’ personal experiences and on timeless traditional wisdom, music, and ancient cosmology, combined with the latest research in physics, biology, and subtle energy.

João Mendes is an intuitive writer, singer, composer, producer, visual artist, and humanitarian. He is an avid reader with extensive self-study in African and ancient Egyptian history and cosmology. Ramiro Mendes is a visionary musician, writer, composer, arranger, producer, visual artist, and humanitarian, Ramiro holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees in film scoring and commercial arranging from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts




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