Stone Lord: King Arthur & Stonehenge

By J.P. Reedman

Historical fiction, Fantasy | Paperback, eBook

It is the Age of Dagger and Axe, the age of Stonehenge at the height of its fame. A shaman known as Merlin guides a young man, Ardhu the Dark Bear, to become Stone Lord, ruler and uniter of the Western tribes, Master of the Great Trilithon. But his reign is marred by the malice of his half-sister Morigau, mother of his illegitimate son, who brings terror from the North, along with the ultimate betrayal of his chosen bride, the Irish Princess Fynavir and right-hand man An'kelet, whose forbidden love threatens to destroy all he has worked for. A gripping retelling of the Arthurian legends within a Bronze Age setting.

Born in Canada, J.P. Reedman has lived in England for over 20 years. She has a life long love of history, fantasy, archaeology and mythology. 30 year interest in Stonehenge and the megalithic culture.




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