Tag Along With MoMo and JoJo: YOU'RE IT!

By Anthony Roth

Children's | Paperback

Tag Along With MoMo and JoJo: YOU'RE IT! is an interactive animated book series about two ant brothers who are complete opposites. Along with their wacky insect friends, they have a hilarious time. The reader is also a part of the story/fun. Great for ages 7 and up!

Born on the TV Reality Show "Birth Day", Anthony Roth has been full of creativity from day one. Now at age 12, he's in band, sports and in student council at his school. Writing is his passion and he's looking forward to expanding his imagination to all aspects of the arts.


Anthony Roth

Anthony Roth

14 October at 13:37

Hi friends. My next book is about a nasty bully. Get Series #1 and #2 to see how it all leads up to the bully in Series #3 set to be released in a few months. Catch up today. Book #1 and #2 available on Amazon.

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