The Dove Sun

By B.C.Bamber

Sci-Fi, Religion & spirituality, Romance | Paperback, eBook

The Sun is coming to the end of its life. The rich and privileged use superior technology to leave the Earth and go in search of new planets; their fate unclear. The poor, the uneducated and the sick are left behind in the dust and certainty of death in the face of an expanding, Super Red Sun. Nathan and Kiren had been a couple since they were children. In the small, dusty settlement where they grew up, they fight for resources with their large chaotic families. When Nathan’s father is injured in an accident, he bargains with the local Imam to send one of his children to the Great Hall to receive a dignified and religious death, in return for medicine. And without a choice, Nathan and Kiren set off for the Great Hall, knowing nothing of the incredible secrets they hold inside them.

I am a writer, artist and journalist who has been published mainly in the building industry press and I write within a range of genre's in fiction and non-fiction including science fiction, horror and eschatology and politics.




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