the Iron Web - Discovery

By Kristin Ravelle

Paranormal, Romance | eBook

Bryn is a small town Welsh librarian who discovers the frightening message of the mysterious N800 texts. Luxent, a secretive local group, recruits her to help them discover the evil behind One Earth Dynamic they believe is linked to the N800. When Curran, a gorgeous OED fugitive, comes to them for sanctuary, Bryn must decide if she will forego all she's known to find truth, freedom, and love.

the Iron Web - Discovery is my second self-pub endeavour and is part 1 of the Iron Web trilogy. I love the YA paranormal genre with a good dose of romance, and am excited to be able to self-publish the stories that just seem to grow in my mind!


Kristin Ravelle

Kristin Ravelle

24 December at 14:04

Discovery is the first book in the Iron Web trilogy.

Set in magical Wales, this is the story of young librarian, Bryn, who learns her world is quite different than expected. She bravely works on her own natural earth magic abilities to join Luxent in their fight against an ancient evil.

Happy holiday reading everyone!

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