The Number of the House is 13

By T. R. Sutherland

Paranormal, General fiction, Horror, Short stories, Young adult | eBook

On almost every street there is that one house with its story and secrets that everyone avoids. On this street the house was number 13. For two adventurous cousins, the reputation this house has acquired is based on rumor, and they're determined to find out if there is any truth in it. They decide to explore the house to see for themselves what all the fuss is about. As soon as they approach the house, they become aware of a menacing presence. Their plan was to spend the entire night in the house, but with each passing moment the house slowly comes alive as a cold terror creeps in. Will they make it through the night? There is nothing better than a good ghost story about a spooky night in a haunted house. This short read is just right for reading while you're taking a coffee break or a quick lunch break.

Tawnya is a computer programmer by day and an aspiring writer by night. She lives in Florida with her husband Tod and their charming collie Jetsan.


Justin Bienvenue

Justin Bienvenue

11 May at 01:39

Excellent cover! it could be one of the Top 5 greatest I have ever seen no joke. Best of luck with it!

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