Africa-based adventures

Fauna Park is a secret place where helpless bush creatures are cared for by the furry and feathered friends living at the farm and it's surrounds. There they try to be true to their promise to live in peace. Humans are unaware of this parallel world at first, because they don't speak Faunalann. So, Flame - a dog born in the desert and adopted by the James family - and many of his friends find ingenious ways to make their human friends understand what their needs are.

Maretha Botha

Original painting done by Lionilde-Claire Bot
Maretha Botha

Maretha Botha

30 January at 08:56

Smaller birds are often adversely affected when their habitats are endangered by fire or prolonged droughts. Fauna Park Tales tell the stories of many of the smaller bush creatures and how humans realise how important it is to look after their interests too.

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