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There's DNA to Prove It: Message from Beyond, by Jacqueline Lunger a true crime, non fiction ebook set in Buffalo NY. The marriage of modern Spiritualism and science worked togethr to exonerate two innocent people who had been sent to prison for murders they had no part in. I want to express my appreciation for the opportunity to attend The best known psychic mediumship school in the US. It has been successfully organized and operated by Patricia Hayes, former assistance to Arthur Ford, internationally acclaimed trance medium. The Arthur Ford Academy of Mediumship is the channeled method for successfully training psychic mediums that Arthur Ford shared with Patricia soon after he entered the spiritual plane of life. I can't think of a better way to honor their work and those who were trained in the method than by naming this category for them.

Jacqueline Lunger

Arthur Ford and Patricia Hayes
Jacqueline Lunger

Jacqueline Lunger

25 April at 15:54

Good to see others in this category.....I have updated the cover image to an old photo of Arthur Ford and Patricia Hayes.

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