Books written by ex-cops

Born and raised in the housing projects of Atlanta, GA. Life looked much better as the Baby Whale, but in reality it blew plankton chunks for Ron Shaw at any name. His environment was twisted and so was he after years of simply trying to survive to witness another dawn.

Ron Shaw

Ron Shaw, also known as, Baby Whale
Corrina Holyoake

Corrina Holyoake

27 September at 08:45

Great looking page Ron :) :) Looking forward to seeing more

Ron Shaw

Ron Shaw

3 November at 09:33

Hi, Corrina Holyoake, I am so happy you came by and posted this message... not to mention your beautiful art. You are way too cool and all the way across the pond. Hey, wait a second, Whales swim. :)

Ron Shaw

Ron Shaw

28 September at 01:07

Thank you very much Corrina. Thanks for stopping by. Love your avatar!

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