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AN OCCUPATION OF THE HEARTH Ours is a job that you have to love. Is made of sacrifice and dedication. Because the greatest gratification to see a chef is a satisfied customer. It is a work of great responsibility: the choice of raw materials, storage, cooking must be capable of serving something good but also healthy and hygienically safe. Sacrifice, dedication, commitment, and even tension, that of service: you can not keep customers seated at the table for three hours. You have to know how to mix these elements, and must be able to travel with the imagination, being a little child. We must be able to chase the new without forgetting the old. And for this you need passion. The novelty is to be found, without ever losing sight of its roots. Everything revolves around concepts at the end of thousands of years old. The Roman cuisine, for example, has a history that began centuries ago, and that comes in today. If you want to create something new, you must do it with commitment...

Sergio Guzzardi



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