Climate Apocalypse

CIA appoints two Indian commandos, one IAF pilot who later joined US Air Force, and a lady cloning scientist, for an espionage mission in Iran. Their job is to intercept a US professor who defected to Iran after inventing faster than light speed travel. A light-speed spacecraft has been launched from ISRO, and the commandos take a quick tour across India. Then they fly to deep outer space and experience: interstellar jump, space romance, 4-D time travel, and more! We can't rule out a 3rd World War if climate change goes out of proportion. The grave question is will human species survive in case of a climate apocalypse. Interesting to see how world countries will form separate leagues in a 3rd World War situation. If Trumpism (denying global warming effects) escalates Climate Change, you'll see that the predictions in the book, The Coming of Noah's 2nd Ark, are coming true...

Matthew Ilayathu

Matthew Ilayathu

Matthew Ilayathu

23 December at 14:11

Join this theme to fight climate change and spread the message across the globe.

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