Detectives with Animal Partners

A Theme dedicated to Mystery/Thriller, Detective, Crime Stories, where either Dogs, or Cats, or both, help their Sleuth human solve crimes and mysteries. I am leading this Theme with my own Short Story Detective Series, "Jasper, Street-Fighter and Me" There are three episodes to date, and the fourth is underway. Maggie, the Sleuth is a retired Marine Major, who was an MP and a dog handler, Jasper is her K-9 who retired with her, and Street-Fighter is a wily tomcat, who looks more like a small lion than a feline.

Richard Nurse

Cover art by Paul Potiki
Richard Nurse

Richard Nurse

16 December at 22:52

A Fun Series, with twists and turns and titles that are a play on the story line. Each one has been written as it flows out with no definite plan in advance. It was not intended, but each book has carried over some of the sub-characters in the story. They are all either in paperback done through CreatSpace, and are Kindle Exclusives in their digital format, and slightly over 100 pages in length. The best part. They are on $ 0.99 each in the Kindle Store, or free with Kindle Unlimited.

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