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Authors and readers of action adventure thrillers with a military theme to the novel (characters, war, terrorism, military units, and some hardware). Often found in Clancy, Flynn, Taylor, etc. Plenty of Green Berets, Special Boat Teams, SEALs, SAS, Delta, CIA SAD

JT Patten

Pat Monteath

Pat Monteath

17 August at 21:03

The 'Ferryman' series is a trilogy of which 'Who pays the Ferryman?' is the 1st book, followed by 'Operation Orpheus' and finally 'Codename Beggarman'.

The books - although written as novels - are based on fact and span three decades from the late 1960s through to 1970s then into the 1980s and finally into 1990s.

The backdrop is the 'Troubles' in Ireland when Richard James - the son of a fruit farmer in Kent, England and an ex-para along with his lifelong friend Paul Jones devise a method of softwood grafting that earned them a reputation. Their reputation soon spread to the ears of a very wealthy landowner in the twenty-six counties of Ireland who made them an offer they could not refuse.

It is not long before Richard and Paul find themselves embroiled in a situation that has far reaching effect on them and their family!

It is at a time when the 'Troubles' were escalating and unrest in Ulster was everyday news.

In 1985 two men from a small English village were arrested, nothing strange about that except a large contingency of heavily armed police were used why?
Were the men terrorists? working for a foreign government?
Had they committed some heinous crime or was it just a smoke screen put up by the British government?
The story takes the reader into the twilight world of espionage, double agents and terrorists.

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