Somewhere between YA and NA...

For the books some reader label too mature to be Young Adult but doesn't quite cross the line into New Adult.

Ryan Ringbloom

R. Ann Humphries

R. Ann Humphries

29 July at 18:07

Now a slave must lead his masters.

Sedich : The Annals of Lusiartha tells the story of Rilan Crendu, a 16 year old boy enslaved by the military might of the Regiment. Chosen by the sedich, a centuries-old stone imbued with the power of the Creator, Rilan must lead Lusiartha's rebels in an all-or-nothing war to win freedom for his people.

E.J. Nottingwood

E.J. Nottingwood

11 July at 18:00

"Zenith" by E.J. Nottingwood takes you to your average high school with your average female protagonist. Only, this female protagonist is in love with an abusive bully, who just so happens to be a female as well. "Zenith" is available in ebook formats.

Valerie Willis

Valerie Willis

1 March at 20:32

In my Novel, Cedric the Demonic Knight:

Known for hunting the supernatural, no mortal man realizes Lord Cedric is one of Sorceress Morrighan’s abominations. After competing in a tournament, he is wed to a Lady of the Court, Angeline. Cedric’s senses begin to overwhelm him and he struggles to decipher his feelings; Are they a creation of his incubine bloodline or truly heartfelt emotions for the girl who has lost it all to him? He finds himself forced to choose between falling in love or continuing his suicidal quest to kill his creator. Epic battles against all manners of beasts and demons fill this story with memorable antagonists such as Morrighan and her two sisters; Romasanta the Father of Werewolves; Succubus Queen Lillith and many more. Find yourself engulfed in lores and history long forgotten from the 12th Century and beyond.

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