Train Wreck

By D.D. Watson

New adult fiction | Paperback, eBook

When she stepped into the train for the first time, she thought she was just heading home. She didn't know she was being brought to the heights or erotic heaven. Moving to a different city can be tough. But nothing could have prepared her for her first train ride. She ends up in a crowded cabin filled only with men. The familiar face of a high school classmate she crushed on long ago, Vincent, is a sight of comfort, but not for long... First she feels a touch on her ass. Then Vincent's hands on her breast and covering her mouth. Then more hands and more mouths: gripping her by the wrists, bracing her head, taking off her clothes, sucking on her tits, tongues and fingers in her orifices... She felt helpless, trapped and violated. But why was she enjoying it? And what destination could this train ride possibly lead her to?

I was born on June 24th under the cancer moon, I love reading, writing, and trying new things. I love the naked body and creating wonderful stories about them. Traveling is my passion and I plan on going around the world. Words are floating in my head at all times and it hard to keep track of them so I write them down. I want to write until there is nothing left but death.




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