Vasilisa the Terrible: A Baba Yaga Story

By April A. Taylor

Fantasy, Short stories | eBook

A small village is filled with fear after Vasilisa reports seeing a witch in the nearby cursed woods. Neighbors turn on each other, the land turns bone dry, and bodies begin to pile up. Baba Yaga quickly becomes the primary suspect. Meanwhile, Vasilisa uses her beauty and charisma to bewitch the minds and hearts of every other villager. But is she truly a witch or is something else responsible for all of this mayhem? This dark reimagined fairy tale is based on the classic story Vasilisa the Beautiful.

April A. Taylor is an author and an award-winning Dark Art and Fine Art Photographer. She writes horror, paranormal mysteries, and dark fairy tales/myths. She currently lives in Michigan with the love of her life and their two cats. April is an Active (professional level) member of the Horror Writers Association. If her life was a cartoon, she'd be Lisa Simpson.


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