What Happened to Paul Carter? VOL I

By Katherine De Bois

Biography & memoir, Women's fiction, Crime & mystery, General non-fiction, True crime, Thriller, Romance | Paperback, Hardback, eBook

This non fiction, psychological thriller, at first glance appears to be a decadent love story, but when you add the word hitman, it is no longer just a romance. In 2014, after her much loved fiance disappears before her eyes, Katherine is forced into a complex and confusing world of deception and hitmen. Written through the fog of being ill, she shares her tumultuous journey of how a love story became tangled, and takes you with her, as she struggles to navigate through the harrowing and confronting journey of falling in love, only to lose it all, and more. Left bewildered and confused as the questions mount up, only to be answered, in a totally unimaginable way. Just when everything is perfect, it is disappears, and then you realize the ending is in fact, only the beginning. Leaving you wondering what exactly did happen to Paul Carter?

Katherine De Bois is still in hiding, afraid for her life, she keeps her whereabouts unknown. Having owned several businesses prior, she turned her hand to writing, in an attempt to understand what had happened, and then to share it so everyone can help find what happened to Paul carter. She would like the answers and those guilty, to be held to account, then she can go home and resume her life.


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